6 little things you can do to level up your social media in less than an hour

6 little things you can do to level up your social media in less than an hour

If you’ve recently found yourself with some extra time on your hands, it might be a good idea to self-audit your social media – whether that’s your business page or your personal page, or both! It’s easy to upload regularly and interact with your audience, but people often forget to review and update their social media profiles regularly.

Here are a few very easy things that you can do to improve your social media by yourself:

Make your handles consistent

Making sure your social media handles match just makes it much easier for people to search for you on different platforms. However, I know it’s a total pain when a username is already taken on a platform. If the username you need has already been taken, just try and keep it as similar to your other usernames as you can. It’s always best to try and avoid having 5 underscores in your username. Or, you can change your username completely on each platform to make sure they match – it just depends how much you need your current username.

TIP: If someone has the username you’d like but their account hasn’t been used for years, try dropping them a message to ask if they’d mind giving you the username. Lots of people do this and end up getting the username they need. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Tidy up your bio

Think about what your brand does and how you plan to add value for people as this is probably also the reason that your target audience will want to follow you. Your social media bios should communicate this.

If people can’t see what you or your brand are about when they click on your profile, they may be confused and might not be interested in following you. Use your bio to sell yourself, much like you would if someone were to ask you what your business is all about in under 20 words.

Include a location on your posts or profile

How else are people supposed to know where you’re based? Adding a location to your posts or profile bio (even if it’s just the country or city and not the specific town you’re based in) is essential if you’re trying to use social media to find a job or for business.

For example, there’s nothing more frustrating than when a company  wants to work with an influencer, but they’re not sure where they live. An influencer’s location is often a big factor that brands consider when choosing the influencer they want to work with. If someone can’t even tell which country you’re in then your social media needs to be a little more clear.

Use the same profile picture for all your accounts 

…and don’t forget to choose the clearest, most high quality picture you have too! This will make sure your profile stands out when people search for you.

TIP: Make sure that the size of the image matches the suggested size by the social media platform to ensure that your picture fits nicely into the display picture box. If you’re not sure how to resize a photo, there are plenty of websites out there that allow you to upload and adjust your photo. Click here to check the correct sizes for each social media platform.

Fill in every field on the “Edit Profile” section

Whichever platforms you’re using, you shouldn’t be leaving lots of gaps in your profile information. Make sure that you fill in as much information as you can. This includes coming up with a good bio and providing information such as an email address, location and website. Customers, potential employers or PRs may be put off contacting you if they can’t immediately find some of this information.

Create your own hashtag

This will take a little longer than the other tips, but it’s the most fun! Many brands come up with a catchy hashtag that relates to their company or their slogan. This is a great way to keep track of your audience on social media.

Let’s say you’re a company that sells your own brand of coffee, for example. Create a hashtag and encourage the cafes you supply and your customers to use your hashtag on social media – and don’t forget to use it yourself, too! This means that you and your potential customers or suppliers can search the hashtag to see what people have to say about your coffee. And, it’s a great way of finding customer pics that you can share on your own social media and website too. Make sure your hashtag is clearly displayed in your bios and in your posts so people know to use it.

TIP: When coming up with the hashtag, remember that the wittier and catchier it is, the better! People are much more likely to want to share it if it makes them laugh.